Advertising Policy

We are committed to providing the best possible deals and coupon codes to our readers while keeping your experience free from clutter and confusion. We believe that advertising should be useful and relevant to our readers and never intrusive. Our advertising policy outlines how we achieve that balance.

We do not allow intrusive types of advertising on our site like pop-ups, pop-unders, flashing ads, or ads with sound. We only accept advertising from reputable networks and advertisers that meet our standards for relevance and quality. Ads that promote harmful, unethical, or illegal products or services are strictly prohibited.

We limit the number of ads on each page to avoid clutter and to ensure the ads do not distract from the content our readers visit the site to find. We clearly label all advertising and sponsored content to avoid confusion about the difference between editorial content and ads. Advertisers and sponsors have no influence over our editorial content or coverage.

Our advertising and sponsored content is targeted to the interests and demographics of our readers. We use data about reader location, browsing history, and other signals to aim to show each reader ads and sponsored content that are most relevant to them. However, readers can opt out of targeted advertising on our site by adjusting their browser settings or using an ad blocker if they prefer to disable ads altogether.

We appreciate any feedback on our advertising to help us continue improving the experience for our readers. Please contact us at [website contact email] with any comments or concerns about the advertising on our site.

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