The Complete Guide to Couponing: How to Save Hundreds on Groceries Each Month


Couponing is an amazing way to save a ton of money on groceries when done right. By strategically using coupons in combination with store sales, you can reduce your grocery bill by 50-70% each month or even more. The keys to successful couponing are: looking for coupons everywhere, carefully organizing your coupons, thoroughly planning your shopping trips, understanding coupon policies, and consistently practicing. With some time and dedication, you can become a couponing pro and save hundreds of dollars on groceries each month.

Look for Coupons Everywhere

  • Look for coupons in Sunday newspaper inserts, online, in stores, and through the mail. You can find coupons for almost all products, including food, drinks, health and beauty, household goods, and more.
  • Sign up for mailing lists and newsletters from your favorite brands to receive coupons and offers directly from them.
  • Check coupon sites like,, and regularly for available coupons on products you buy.
  • Ask friends and family members to save inserts and coupons for you from newspapers and magazines.
  • Check with your local library or recycling center to see if they have any discarded periodicals you can look through for coupons.
  • Look for electronic coupons that can be loaded to your loyalty cards for additional savings.
  • Search online for printable coupons from product websites and blogs.
  • Look for coupon booklets and peelies in stores next to products or at checkout counters.
  • Check for coupon mailers in your mailbox from local stores like grocery chains, drug stores, and big box stores.
Carefully Organize Your Coupons

    Carefully Organize Your Coupons

    • Sort your coupons by category and alphabetize them to make them easy to find when shopping. The best ways to organize coupons are by using baseball card sleeves, binders, accordion files, or labeled envelopes.
    • Be sure to mark the expiration date on each coupon so you use them before they expire. An organized system makes it quick and easy to locate the coupons you want to use on your next shopping trip.
    • Organize your coupons by value to easily spot the best coupons for the biggest savings.
    • Consider organizing some coupons alphabetically by product name and others categorically to have a well-rounded filing system.
    • Purge your coupon binder or file regularly to remove any expired coupons.

      Thoroughly Plan Your Shopping Trip

      • Check weekly ads to find the best deals on the items you need and plan your shopping trip around the products that you have coupons for.
      • Make a list of what's on sale as well as the specific coupons you want to use for those items. Buy enough of the sale items to take full advantage of your coupons.
      • Look for stores that allow you to use a coupon on top of the sale price for even more savings.
      • Check if any stores in your area are having special coupon events, like triple coupon days or double coupon days, and plan to shop there during those events.
      • Do a price comparison at different stores to ensure you're getting the absolute lowest price when factoring in your coupons and available sales.
      • Consider stocking up on non-perishables when they're on sale and you have a good coupon. This lets you take maximum advantage of the coupon and ensures you have the item on hand when you need it.
      • Plan your shopping trip before the weekly ads change to ensure the items you want to buy are still on sale when you go shopping. Sale prices and availability can change from day to day.
      Coupon Policies

        Know the Coupon Policies of Each Store

        • Familiarize yourself with the coupon policies of all stores in your area. Check if they double or triple coupon values, accept coupons for sale items, or place any limits on the number of coupons you can use in a single transaction.
        • Some stores offer coupon stacking, allowing you to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. Others only accept one coupon per item. Know the policy of each store you shop at.
        • Check if stores accept expired coupons, coupons for free items, or coupons from competitors. Some stores have certain restrictions on the types of coupons they will accept.
        • Find out if any stores in your area offer special coupon events like triple coupon days, double coupon days, or customer appreciation days with extra coupon savings. Mark your calendar for those events!
        • Understanding the coupon policies of each store will help you maximize your coupon savings during every shopping trip. You'll know exactly which coupons to use at which stores for the best deals.

          Practice Consistently for the Greatest Success

          • The more you practice couponing, the more natural it will feel. You'll get faster at finding and organizing coupons and planning your shopping trips.
          • Try to coupon at least once a week, even if you're just starting out. Use coupons on a few sale items to get familiar with the process before attempting a big shopping trip.
          • Take notes or keep a log of your shopping trips to remember what worked well and where you can improve for next time. Look for more ways to save on your next trip.
          • Watch tutorial videos online to pick up extra tips and tricks from seasoned coupon pros. You can learn new strategies to maximize your savings.
          • Join online forums or Facebook groups to connect with other couponers. Share advice, tips, and alerts about the best current deals and coupons.
          • With regular practice, couponing will become second nature. You'll be saving hundreds of dollars on groceries in no time and wonder how you ever shopped without coupons before!


          Couponing is a valuable skill that can save you a significant amount of money on groceries if done right. By looking for coupons everywhere, carefully organizing them, thoroughly planning your shopping trips, understanding store coupon policies, and consistently practicing, you can become an expert couponer. Combine these tips and strategies to reduce your grocery bill by 50-70% each month or more. Saving hundreds of dollars per year on groceries is worth the effort of learning how to effectively use coupons. Start couponing today and enjoy paying much less for the food and essentials your family needs.

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