Stove Top Shelf

Stove Top Shelf 30 Inch - New Upgrade Silicone Strong Magnetic Heat Insulated Shelf - 3 Functional Partitions Kitchen Spice Rack Organizer, Oven Shelf Non-Slip Kitchen Gadgets for Flat Top Stove

Perfect for most stoves
Many oven magnetic racks no anti-slip, no guardrails, which is a very dangerous thing. bottles are used to hold liquids or powders, sliding them off the cooktop is difficult to clean. Therefore, our magnetic racks are designed with guardrails around them, can be safe and convenient at the same time.

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30 Inch Stove Top Shelf Functional Features Display

  • Now,Oven spice rack shelf in the market exists,but the product is too big, items are easy to slip, installation trouble, no functional partition, cleaning trouble, rust and corrosion and other we provide you this stove Shelf,it is perfect for your kitchen life and give you a warm kitchen.
  • Maximize Your Space
  • Safety Silicone Material
  • New Upgrade Powerful Magnetism,
  • Convex,non-slip and Partition zoning design, Easy to Clean

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